66.2% membership

This is the average
employeeenrollment rateat companies
That offer a SPART program

2/3 of the employees are involved!
How many subjects do you know of that generate so much interest?
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Well-being at work,
your new lever of attractiveness

Quest for meaning, well-being at work, search for balance between professional and personal life, corporate responsibility, so many criteria that your future employees now take into account in their thinking.

To go further on the subject, see our dedicated article 😉

Need some inspiration?

Here are some practices to put you at the forefront of recruitment and well-being at work.

👉 Propose projects that make sense
Release a fulfilling professional perspective, at the service of the company but also in line with employees' values. This is the time to take care of your employer brand and to highlight the strengths of your corporate culture.

👉 Opt for collaborative management
This new management method breaks the codes and makes a cross on a traditional and top-down hierarchy. Don't think vertical anymore, it's time for holacracy!

👉 Offer a fulfilling work environment
The layout of spaces directly influences the level of well-being at work of your employees. This may seem obvious from the amount of time spent there, but few companies give themselves the means to free up spaces thought out and adapted to rest, catering and sports activities.