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Make physical activity more widespread with SPART

✅ Improved employee well-being and mental health.
✅ Increased team cohesion and integration of new employees.
✅ Reduced absenteeism and improved business performance.

In 2024, on the occasion of the JOCA, ANSCAM decided to go one step further and joined forces with the SPART mission company, to make physical activity and sport a part of everyday life for all employees, thanks to the power of digital.
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Health through sport - ANSCAM

With SPART, you're in good hands

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Well-being, cohesion and performance all in one place


Improving employee well-being and mental health.

The activities and programs on offer encourage physical activity, relaxation and stress reduction, thus contributing to a better mental balance.
This support for mental well-being can reduce the risk of burn-out and encourage a positive attitude at work.
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well-being improvement
Increased cohesion

Increased team cohesion and integration of new employees

Group activities and sporting challenges strengthen bonds between employees, facilitating the integration of newcomers.
This creates a more inclusive and collaborative work environment, where everyone feels part of the collective success.
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Reducing absenteeism and improving business performance

By improving employees' physical and mental health, absenteeism is reduced, contributing to better business continuity and increased efficiency. Healthier, happier employees are also more engaged and productive, which translates into better performance for the company.
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Reducing absenteeism

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5-star customer review SPART - health, well-being and cohesion in the workplace

Over 10,000 people benefit from SPART

SPART satisfies its customers by offering customizable solutions to improve well-being and cohesion within companies.
Thanks to a diversified offering tailored to the specific needs of each organization, SPART helps strengthen the mental and physical health of employees, promoting a better working atmosphere and increased productivity.
Michel P

Fun application

A fun, serious, friendly and dynamic application with a responsive and available team. Challenges to motivate teams to develop their work potential through sport and personal achievement.
Dominique M

Great for building team spirit

Great app for building team spirit and cohesion. My team loves it! Lots of topics covered and information shared to help you get moving every day and look after your health. Possibility of setting common goals and/or developing a positive and constructive competitive spirit. The Spart team is TOP, educational and caring!
Sylvain E

For everyone!

Very cool application. Challenges for the sporty and not-so-sporty alike! With someone dedicated to leading your group, you get a more personalized experience than with other similar applications. And it's great for company cohesion. The challenges gave us a chance to banter and pull each other along. All in all, a great experience.


SPART is the experience that gets all your teams moving. With over 50 activities to suit everyone, whether they're sporty or not.

Once your needs and challenges have been clearly defined, it takes between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the size of your company, to deploy SPART to all your colleagues/collaborators.

We offer themed seasons starting at 1 month.
Don't forget that QVCT is a long-term process ;)

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Find out more about the SPART x ANSCAM offer
Register for the free webinar on Thursday, April 18 at 11:30 a.m.

Rhythmic entertainment

All together, athletes and supporters, to the rhythm of the Journées Omnisports du Crédit Agricole

End of April - May 12

Registration and first steps on the app for all!

LA Prépa
May 13 - June 9

Sports and fun challenges for all! Spotlight on the athletes who will represent Crédit Agricole at the JOCA.

June 10 - 17

Athletes and supporters wear their Team CA colors loud and clear!

June 18 - 30

What could be better than sports fellowship? Surprises and rewards for athletes and supporters!

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