What sports to choose in summer?

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Back in the office or still on vacation? July or August?

If you're still taking it easy until the end of August, then I say bravo, you lucky bastard!

You'll probably be able to take advantage of this late summer to relax and have fun.

How about a bit of sport? Yes ?

But which one? You're still hesitating...

OK, for you, let's have a quick look at the possibilities...

And it's up to you to do the hard part: choose and go for it. Be brave and go for it!

Is summer the season for sport?

The weather's warm, you're relaxing in your deckchair or by the pool... It's vacation time at last!

And sport comes naturally as a good time to spend, alone or with friends!

Summer is the ideal time to get back into sport, or to keep fit if you're a regular sportsman. And why not discover a new sport?

The list of possible summer sports or physical activities is quite long, but here are those chosen by the French:

https://fr.statista.com/statistiques/1301049/sports-preferes-francais-vancaces-ete/#:~:text=La%20randonnée%20et%20la%20marche,ou%20nager%20pendant%20 leur%20vacances.

No surprise for the podium: walking sports (64%), followed by swimming (50%) and cycling (50%).

Outdoor or cool sports! A good match, don't you think?

If you look at the figures in this survey, you can even see that the French are not content with just one activity...

Sport is an integral part of summer vacations in the minds of our holidaymakers!


There are several reasons for this:

👉 The desire to have fun and spend quality time with friends and family.

👉 The adventurous spirit that motivates you to try new sports, sometimes even extreme ones, to experience the big thrill.

👉 To feel in great shape and maintain your health, your body and even your mind... Some would even say: to eliminate the calories from the many aperitifs and other crazy barbecues!

In short, whether for pleasure, fun or health, sport is the king of vacations.

So, what activities have you planned for this year?

Here are a few possible examples:

The street is yours

In some cities, urban planning has also been designed with sports enthusiasts in mind.

I'm thinking of weight training facilities in certain gardens or neighborhoods, but also of the sport that has become the attraction of the Olympic Games in 2022:


Born in California in the 50s, it's a sliding sport... on land and on wheels.

A favorite activity of teenagers at different times (especially in the 70s/80s and 2000s), it's a classic urban sport, just like rollerblading.

For the most gifted, you can admire their incredible acrobatic tricks like the flip or a BS crooked grind.

Some cities have set up real courses with ramp structures and modules to perform the many tricks performed by skate aficionados.

For the more cautious, don't forget helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.

So, you fancy surfing on asphalt? Go for it!

Table tennis

Or "table tennis", it's up to you... (Let's not rehash the chocolate/chocolate bread debate!).

Some cities also provide fixed ping-pong tables in certain parks or neighborhoods.

A well-known racket sport, an Olympic discipline since 1988, for two or four people, it provides hours of entertainment and the physical release you need.

So, if you're a first-time pong player, warm up your rackets!

Alone on the sand...

Ah the beach, its fine, warm sand...

We think of sunbeds, beach towels and sunbathing. But we also imagine beach activities!

And the choice is yours:

Beach tennis

Then there's Jokari, but for something a little more stylish, opt for Beach Tennis!

The principle is well known: you take two wooden rackets, a plastic ball and a net... and you're all set! (Well, almost: you'll need a partner after all).

It's played on a beach volleyball court, but with the net lowered to 1m70.

Alternatively, for those who prefer something simpler, there's beach ball or racket ball: no net, no lines, just your rackets and the pleasure of hitting the ball back and forth across the warm sand...

Fun and laughter guaranteed!

Beach Volleyball

Also appearing in California in the 1920s, this sport is well known to all.

You'll also need a net and a team of at least 4 people to play (don't forget the ball, that would be a shame...).

All American films set on the beach feature images of smashes, lobs and other slow-motion jumps by beach volleyball players.

After that, it's up to you to choose your playing partners - friends, family or even strangers ready to have fun with you... (Sport is also about meeting people, you see!).

And it's great for fitness, of course.

So who's the next beach champion?

Running on sand

Yes, quite simply...

Are you on vacation near a beach? Why not go for a morning run on the sand...

So be warned, running on sand requires more effort than on conventional flat ground. But it's great for your fitness, balance, muscle tone and so on.

And then, given the scenery, you'll quickly get the taste for it... Beware of the blues on the way back!

Fresh air

If you've decided to spend your vacation in the mountains or in the great outdoors, there are automatically some sports open to you:

Walking and hiking

What could be more invigorating than a walk in the fresh air?

And it's good for your health! Doctors recommend 30 minutes' walking a day to strengthen the heart.

There are many well-marked parks and trails where you can walk on your own or in a group.

And if you're a nature lover, then take a break and observe the flora and fauna around you...

You're not an amateur photographer, are you? If so, you'll have plenty of photo opportunities to impress your friends.

By walking, you can keep in shape and get rid of everyday worries: a little piece of happiness, the break you needed, the summer break that does you good...

Excellent for exercising leg and abdominal muscles, walking or hiking is relaxing and soothing.

Breathe, it's a gift!

The bike

France has 22,000 km of cycle paths... and a large number of practicable trails.

So if you like cycling, you'll easily find a place to do it.

Alone or with the family, cycling is excellent for your health: here again, it's all about cardio and burning calories. Legs, back, arms... you name it! You'll come back from your cycling vacation as muscular as ever.

But it's also an opportunity to discover France's tourist heritage.

A little tour around the Loire, for example... Between the gastronomy and the castles, you won't be disappointed.

And if you don't have a bike, don't hesitate to rent one on site. During the vacations, it's rare not to find a bike to rent...

Possible variation: cross-country cycling

Here, we move away from the flat bike paths and venture onto more twisted trails. It's for those who like difficulty and a taste of adventure...

So, if that's you, don't forget your helmet, stay safe... And have fun!

Like a fish in water


Ah, when it's hot, we all like to go for a dip... We get a breath of fresh air and swim in happiness...

So it's refreshing, good for your muscles, your back, your heart rate...

In short, don't deprive yourself! In the sea, in the pool or in a lake, go for it and keep the kids busy... Everyone's happy!

And there's something for everyone: between the crawl, butterfly and breaststroke pros, there's something for everyone. (Personally, I prefer the plank...)

And if swimming scares you, you can always bathe your feet while staying away from the big dip... No problem! (It's less sporty, though).

A small but important detail: make sure everyone knows how to swim before taking any ill-considered plunges!

Otherwise, opt for buoys... I'm just saying!


The coolest sport in the world!

It's a complete sport that works every muscle in the body, including the heart.

We all have in mind those images of surfers proudly taming the azure blue waves. It looks so easy. But don't be fooled by the Beach Boys!

Surfing is a demanding sport... And to become the king of the board, you'll need a little experience, or even a few lessons.

Otherwise, of course, there are many other water sports of varying degrees of intensity (paddle, kayak, water-ski, canoe, etc.). And for the less adventurous, there's still the pedal boat, which shouldn't be underestimated.

Indoor sports

This year, neither beach nor mountains?

OK! But there's nothing to stop you from playing sport...

If we rule out beach and mountain sports, then we'll find indoor sports: in the gym or at home.


Padel tennis

A dynamic, fun sport!

Of course, classic tennis is possible... But paddle tennis is something different and original, isn't it?

It's also cardio that'll get you pumped for summer!

And if you want to sculpt your body, it's perfect for burning off all those calories.

So don't delay in finding a venue near you...


At home, in the gym or outdoors, yoga can be practiced anywhere...

Flexibility, breathability and mental strength, you'll soon be overwhelmed by the benefits of this sport.

You'll even find online courses for beginners if you choose to avoid group lessons.

This yogic way of life has become a sport practiced by millions of men and women in search of well-being.

So open your chakras and repeat after me: OOOOMMM!


Yes, it's a sport! No, it's not a sport for seniors... in fact, it's more of a family affair!

It's the ideal, friendly activity in the South!

Because in Marseille, it's not just soccer, it's also baby pétanque.

And don't say it's not a sport, you wretch... O peuchère, you're risking your life!

With friends or family, pétanque requires concentration and skill. It's up to you to point and shoot with precision... otherwise, beware of the diamonds that ruin your points.

Before an aperitif or after a siesta, pétanque puts you in a good mood for the day!

(Warning: to aim at the jack, don't drink too much pastis)

If you haven't already left to get your sports gear, there's nothing more I can do for you.

Keep well hydrated, take breaks, watch out for the heat and, above all, have fun!

You don't have to compete, just listen to your body and respect your limits.

Rome wasn't built in a day!

Have a great vacation, and if you're on your way back, I'll see you soon...

We'll soon be thinking about how to combine recovery and sport together!

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