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Don't take our word for it 😉
The #SKEMAUnited challenge, the first campaign organised by a major French school that combines fundraising and physical activity through a connected challenge on SPART.

Pierre-Henri Glantenet

Sponsorship Manager

SKEMA Business School

It's a real pleasure to have these different challenges with all the teams. Have fun!


General Manager Holiday Inn Paris


I met a lot of people from different departments, in different places. Before being a sporting challenge, it is a human challenge.

Laetitia BOYER

Executive Assistant

GL events

SPART was a great way to meet and find common ground between colleagues.

Cynthia DURAND


Gide Loyrette Nouel

I'm not very sporty at heart. SPART helps me to move more and to get to know other people in the company.


Production Manager

GL events

I took up sport again with SPART. I hadn't done anything for two years. I feel better!

Sébastien PINEL

Workshop Manager

GL events

SPART is really great!


Activity/Preparation/Stock Manager

GL events

An ultra-gamified, fun app that makes you want to take on challenges! A top-notch community manager! I've been won over by the application from the start!


External Communications & Marketing Manager


Inter-company challenge

Logo Faites vos jeux en entreprise

SPART is an app that improves health, well-being and cohesion in the workplace.

Our mission?
To have a positive impact on employees' quality of life and boost the well-being of your corporate teams.

We create a fun, tailor-made experience for your company based on healthier living, physical activity and employee engagement!

Are you lucky enough to have a multicultural team? All aboard!
Our wellness and sport at work app is available in several languages.

Put an end to stress: Our 10 relaxation tips

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team number one cardspart life application

a mobile application for fulfilled employees

Each week, your employees have access to wellbeing tips and the opportunity to take on sports and mini challenges, alone or as part of a team. Whatever their level of competence, everyone participates towards the same goal for the benefit of the business.

Leaderboards for each team and activity allow each participant to

Competitors can see where they rank thanks to a team leaderboard and individual activity leaderboard.

Let the season begin!
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A tailor-made program
of activities

We create a tailor-made program to suit the company’s objectives and values. Certain stages are adapted to fit around your employees professional working life.

Our community managers are there to encourage your community throughout the whole experience. They can help with anything you need before and during the program
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spart programme calendarmessage community manager
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Keeping track of your kpi’s

Commitment, integration, well-being, teamwork; we are committed to providing regular follow ups and data reporting to ensure you meet and are satisfied with the ‘Quality of Life’ reports.

Our experts give you the best support and analyze your personal data to provide you with the best advice.
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Events, meetings and highlights

Do you want to enrich the experience for your teams?

High-level athletes from the SPART team, federative events, webinars and conferences on nutrition, stress management, sleep... SPART also supports you!
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Meet an athlete from the spart 2024 teamWalking in the forest
A demo
a question ?
Ensuring an active community to reduce the number of workplace absentees, and to improve the overall efficiency of your company.

rich in contents

Our programs are structured as seasons to maintain the interest from your community. Each season offers a variety of physical activites, individual or team challenges, wellbeing tips and fun mini challenges.
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Access all SPART content (infographics, white papers, articles, videos...)

your employees earn
points with their
favorite spart activities

Over 50 activities with SPART to suit all tastes: sporty, soothing or playful.
See the full list
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our mission :
To contribute to the
physical, mental and social wellbeing
of your colleagues.

image physical activity

Corporate sports with Spart

An active community to reduce the level of workplace absentees for an even more efficient company.

80 %

of our clients’ employees did more physical activity with SPART.

3,9 KM

is the daily number of km walked by a user of the app, which corresponds to 1.9 km more than the daily average in france.

Successful Well-being

Better mental health and ways of managing stress.

75 %

of our clients’ employees have seen an improvement in their overall wellbeing.


the average number of challenges (whether team, funny or physical) colleagues have participated in over a month on the app.
social link

Social links

To adapt to new ways of working and to enhance teamwork in every way.

85 %

of employees involved in a SPART program feel better integrated into their company.


The average number of weekly messages exchanged by an employee with his or her team on the SPART application.

Discover SPART's innovative approach for a tailor-made corporate wellness experience

SPART reinvents the way companies approach wellness in the workplace. Our SPART application offers a personalized, fun approach to encouraging health, well-being and cohesion within your team.

SPART works simply and effectively. Every day, your employees receive wellness tips and take part in sports or fun challenges, either individually or as a team. Regardless of fitness level, everyone can find activities that suit them and feel motivated to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to weekly activities, SPART offers an activity program, specifically designed to meet your company's objectives and values. Our community managers animate your community throughout the experience, providing all the elements needed to ensure the program's success.

We also regularly monitor indicators of well-being, engagement and cohesion through comprehensive reporting. Our team of experts is there to support you every step of the way, providing personalized advice to optimize your team's performance.

With SPART, transform your company into a place where health and well-being are at the heart of the corporate culture. Join us today and discover how SPART can help your team thrive and achieve their wellness goals.
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Our SPART application features

▪️Défis sports and fun: Users can take part in weekly challenges, individually or in teams, to encourage physical activity and strengthen cohesion within the company.

▪️Programme tail or-made: SPART creates a personalized activity program based on your company's objectives and values, with periods adapted to your employees' professional rhythm.

▪️Suivi well-being indicators: Customer Success offers regular monitoring of well-being, engagement and cohesion indicators through comprehensive reports.

▪️Community active management: Community managers animate your community throughout the experience, offering activities, advice and encouragement to keep users motivated.

▪️Rencontres and events: SPART organizes meetings, events and webinars on topics related to well-being in the workplace, hosted by experts and top sportsmen and women.

▪️Ressources complementary: The SPART app provides access to a variety of additional resources, such as articles, videos, infographics and white papers, to deepen knowledge about well-being in the workplace.

With its innovative features and personalized approach, SPART is the ideal tool for transforming your company into a place where health, well-being and performance go hand in hand. With SPART, you invest in your company's human capital, creating a working environment where every individual feels supported, encouraged and valued.

Join us today and discover how SPART can help your team reach its full potential.

Customized themes for a personalized corporate sports experience!

The SPART experience is customizable to suit your company's needs and schedule. You can choose from a variety of themes, challenges, team games and fun competitions to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere within your team.

Whether you want to promote physical health, encourage collaboration, strengthen team cohesion or simply add a touch of fun to your work routine, SPART offers a wide range of themes to meet your specific objectives.

Discover our most coveted captivating themes to motivate, entertain and unite your teams!

🔥 In the footsteps of the Olympic flame: Set off on a virtual pursuit of Fuego, who stole the Olympic flame, and discover a thrilling adventure combining physical activity and well-being.

🥇 The 2024 Olympic Games preview: Get your teams vibrating to the rhythm of the Paris Olympic Games by taking part in physical and wellness activities inspired by the world's most eagerly awaited sporting event!

🏛️ History of the Games: Dive into the history of the Olympic Games through different eras and take on cohesion challenges inspired by Olympic symbols.

🔢 Games in numbers: Unravel the mysteries surrounding the numbers of the Olympic Games and strengthen your teams' cohesion by solving riddles together.

🏔️ To each his own Everest: Share a human adventure and strengthen your team's cohesion by climbing Everest's peaks together, from base camp to summit.

🤝 SPART Academy: Immerse your employees in a health and well-being training program that will enable them to develop their skills and adopt better lifestyle habits.

🧠 Mental d'un champion: Discover the keys to success inspired by the greatest champions, and boost your employees' mental well-being.

🎄 Advent calendar: Immerse yourself in a festive universe where games, challenges and discoveries lurk behind every square, strengthening cohesion and well-being within your team.

🛼 Delve back into the 80s: Relive the atmosphere of the 80s with cohesion activities that will transport your staff back to an entertaining retro era.

With these varied themes, SPART offers your company a unique and stimulating experience that promotes the cohesion, well-being and performance of your teams.

Don't wait any longer to invest in the cohesion and well-being of your team. The SPART experience is the key to creating a harmonious and productive work environment. As the famous quote goes, "Some people have adventures, SPART is an adventure!"

Contact us today to find out more and start your journey towards a more cohesive team and more fulfilled employees!
I want a united team

SPART's core values and our commitment to your company's success

At SPART, we are driven by a set of values that guide our day-to-day work and define our commitment to your business:

Holistic well-being: We believe in a holistic approach to well-being at work, which takes into account not only the physical health, but also the mental, emotional and social well-being of your employees.

Collaboration and cohesion: We value collaboration and cohesion within teams. Our programs are designed to encourage teamwork, strengthen bonds between employees and create a sense of belonging to the company.

Continuous innovation: We are committed to continuous innovation to offer your company the best possible solutions in terms of well-being at work. We listen to your needs and constantly evolve to meet your expectations.

Transparency and integrity: We attach great importance to transparency and integrity in all our interactions with you. We are committed to being honest, ethical and professional in all our business practices.

Positive impact: Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on your employees' quality of life and your company's overall performance. By choosing SPART, you are choosing a committed partner who places the well-being of your employees at the heart of its concerns.

Join us in our common mission to create a healthier, more fulfilling and more productive working environment for all.
Yes to a healthier working environment!

Ready to transform your company into a place of well-being and performance?
Join SPART today!

Don't leave your employees' well-being to chance. With SPART, you can offer your team a unique, tailored experience designed to encourage health, well-being and cohesion at work.

Find out now how SPART can help you create a working environment where everyone can thrive and excel.
Contact us for a demonstration or to find out more about our wellness solutions for your business.

Join the SPART community today and make your business a place where wellness and performance go hand in hand.
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