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With Paris set to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in summer 2024, Medef and its two partners SPART and FFSE are launching the Year of Corporate Sport!

Join the mobilization in physical or digital form, and Make your games corporate!

See you in 2024 for the final and medal ceremony at Club France.

Your goal?

During this experience, do as much physical activity as you can, complete challenges that are both fun and sporting, and earnexperience points that will determine your ranking among the other companies.

At the start of each month, the competition starts again, the counters are reset to 0 and each company can try its luck again.

At the end of the month, the 3 podium teams qualify for the"Faites vos Jeux Finale", which takes place in June.

Your goal for the Faites vos jeux challenge

take part in the digital challenge

Don't leave empty-handed at the end of this inter-company challenge!

Each month, active users of the application will be drawn to win various gifts based on a targeted challenge, whether physical or fun.

Following the"Faites vos Jeux Finale", the 3 teams on the podium will win access to Club France, where a prize-giving event will take place.
The other finalist teams will gain access to the Olympic Village lawn, and all teams taking part in the challenge will win a webinar with Linda Bortoletto.

take part in the physical challenge

For this last sports season before the Paris Olympic Games, the aim is to offer companies throughout France a series of events to mobilize their staff around sport and physical activity.

Each winner of a regional tournament will qualify for a national final in national final in Paris in May.

The winners will be invited to Club France for their trophy presentation.

Digital SPART program

We'll be with you from September to July, with 10 months of never-before-seen entertainment on the app!

During these 10 months of challenges, come and challenge yourself around different themes:

The history of the Olympic Games Do you really know it? We invite you to discover it the "SPART way" over 1 whole month!

The Games in figures You don't know much about the unusual records of the Olympic Games? This theme is for you to test your knowledge!

The Centenary Did you know? 100 years ago, in 1924, the Olympic Games were also held in Paris! Discover the history of this edition and the athletes who left their mark

The eternal How would you like to (re)discover them and be inspired by their stories through physical challenges?

Olympic Lands Do you know everything about the countries that took part in the JOP? Let's check it out!

Lumière sur... : revisit your classics around this theme and discover all the new sports that will be at the Paris 2024 JOPs... ah and we'll leave you with a few surprises with some unusual sports!

Olympic hopefuls How would you like to discover the future French Olympians who will be taking part in the JOP 2024? For 4 weeks, discover France's medal hopes like you've never seen them before!

The Olympic Flame You too can light your company's very own Olympic Flame

Immersion : Have you always dreamed of visiting the sports arenas that will host events and be future iconic venues of the Olympics? Just the thing, we're taking you on a virtual tour of these spectacular venues! And don't forget to check out our volunteer testimonials!

FFSE fitness program

It all happens in your region in 4 stages

Four types of activities (4 stages) will be offered to companies in all regions of France from September onwards:

Participants can sign up for 1, 2, 3 or all 4 stages of the challenge, depending on their choice.
Each event will be accompanied by collective warm-ups to get all employees moving, whether or not they are taking part in the "competition", in a spirit of conviviality.

‍September/October: Les courses de la Diversité which enable companies to mobilize their employees in a friendly event around walking and running accessible to all, whatever their physical condition on a 3 or 6km course (which can evolve somewhat while respecting the principle of a short basic course accessible to non-athletes).

‍November: Mixed 5-a-side rugby tournaments to round off the Rugby World Cup played in France from September to November.

‍January: Badminton tournaments (mixed doubles).

‍March: Mixed 3x3 basketball tournaments

Each regional tournament winner will qualify for a national final in Paris in May. The winners will be invited to Club France for their trophy presentation.

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