Your favourite sports: it's not what you think!

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Here we go! It's almost the summer vacations...

With work over, it's time for rest, laziness and idleness. With family or friends, it's time to get out your best summer outfits, take a stroll and, why not, get back into the swing of things!

Yes, summer is often synonymous with well-being! We take care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds. Sport easily fits into all these quests...

And you're not the only one!

Throughout the year, many of you take part in physical and sporting activities. But what are your preferences?

We'll tell you all about it... and maybe give you a few ideas!


The podium of sports stars

Want to know what sports your friends, colleagues and neighbors play?

Then the latest survey (2023) from Statista will interest you! Questioning French people aged 18 to 64, their survey gives us some answers...

Of course, there are the king sports: soccer, basketball, jogging, yoga and so on.

But, surprise, they don't make the top 3.

No, the French aren't the most motivated to play soccer, rugby or basketball...

So who's on the podium?

👉 Number 1: hiking .

42% of French people use it regularly or occasionally...

When I said vacations! It's highly likely that you'll be taking advantage of the vacations to put on your hiking boots and head off into the mountains to discover nature under a radiant sun! (And don't forget to stay well hydrated all the way!)

With a bit of luck, you'll come across some marmots or catch a glimpse of some eagles, if you take the time to look around... (And the marmot puts the chocolate in the tinfoil... )

👉 Number 2: Jogging

28% of the French claim to be.

Not surprisingly, jogging is a great way to burn off energy and doesn't really require any special equipment or location. You can slip on your sneakers and run through the park or simply through the streets to reach your goals. It's a sport that's easily accessible to many French people, even during breaks at work... A good jog clears your head and recharges your batteries for the day...

👉 Number 3: Cycling

You don't have to do the Tour de France to be a bike lover! 26% are cyclists.

Do you enjoy riding solo or with the family, with your old hobby bike or your super-lightweight pro carbon bike? Come on, we've recognized you, the cycling aficionados who follow every stage and know the Col du Tourmalet by heart... You can take your head off the handlebars!

Other sports?

You know them well:

A fun comparison with the world podium: 1) Football 2) Cricket 3) Field fieldhockey... Definitely nothing to compare!

Of course, each country has its own specialities (like American soccer or pétanque...).

And if you didn't know, cricket is India's favorite sport ! (With a population of over 1.4 billion, it's easy to see why cricket scores so highly).

Is our 2022-2023 French podium stable?

Let's compare it with 2018: we can see that some sports are real mainstays, even if the scores differ slightly.

This time on the podium in 2018 were: walking, swimming and ...cycling again.

Source Fondation APRIL, Santé et Sédentarité Se Lever du bon pied (2018)

So you might be surprised that soccer or tennis never make the podium.

Are we to believe that these sports have lost their place in the hearts of the French?

No, here again, a Statista survey sheds some light:

What are the most popular sports in France?

Soccer, tennis, rugby: these are the star trio of sports followed by the French...

No wonder: World Cup, Tour de France, Six Nations Tournament... You don't miss a thing! And rightly so.

And that's not all, there are other figures to prove the French love of football...

Because while some people are irregular amateurs, you also have some who are very committed.

Here is the number of members by discipline:

On the podium: 1) Football 2) Tennis 3) Horse riding

Here again, there are a few surprises: canoeing is ahead of rugby!

Rugby is in tenth place... While the French enjoy watching rugby matches, they are less eager to go out and play. Go and find out why... A question of stature, perhaps? I'll leave you to find out!

(For the record, it may well be that if the number of rugby licensees increases, it will be mainly on the women's side... Could it be that French women are braver than men? Come on, let's have a late-night debate to set the mood! Thanks who?)

Note: the leading non-Olympic sports federation is that of pétanque and jeu provençal (263,275 members last year). Oh dear, do you shoot or do you point?

France: sports activities on the rise

As shown by a document from the national barometer of sporting practices 2022.

60% of French people aged 15 and over practiced on average 1 time a week during 2022 (6 points more than in 2018).

And if you include occasional sportsmen and women, the figure rises to 72%...

Walking and hiking seem to be largely responsible for this increase...

Has covid-19 and its confinement given the French a taste for walking and fresh air? It wouldn't be surprising! In any case, this explains our first podium winner...

Now you know all about France's favorite sports!

You probably recognize yourselves a little, don't you? All the better.

So, let us know if you're one of these podium finishers, or if you practice a more unusual sport...

I'll leave you to put on your favourite sportswear, and I'll get out my boules, so we can tease the jack, as we say in the South!

See you soon, and don't forget to keep track of your points in our app!

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