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A major national cause in 2024, a global event,
sport is above all a tremendous asset for your company.
Helping your employees stay healthy
Improving employee well-being through concrete CSR action
Creating links and strengthening cohesion
Attracting and retaining talent
Create momentum with sporting challenges
SPORT wellness
Inspiring conferences, participative workshops, sharing best practices, with our coaches, so that your employees adopt the postures and attitudes that safeguard their health at work.
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SPORT cohesion
Around immersive JO experiences imagined by SPART, offer your employees the chance to take up playful, fun and sporting challenges, in teams. A launch event and prize-giving ceremony will energize the experience.  
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SPORT challenge
Challenge your employees to a series of sporting challenges. Managed by the SPART application, the challenge features happenings, meetings with top sportsmen and women, coaches to help you adopt the right gestures, and ends with a prize-giving ceremony.
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d'elles event
For over 17 years, Evénement d'elles has been organizing in-house events for companies, organizations and local authorities.
It has been involved in the QWL field since 20014, notably through Printemps de l'optimisme, a movement to spread optimism in France.
It has teamed up with SPART, creator of a fun, engaging app to encourage regular exercise and create sports challenges.
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Why start your SPART adventure

Enhanced team cohesion

Our experience is designed to encourage collaboration, communication and teamwork. Participants will be faced with challenges that require close cooperation to succeed. This fosters the building of strong relationships between team members, building cohesion and trust.

Enhanced well-being

Physical activity is essential for mental and physical health. Our fun, physical activity challenges boost your employees' energy and vitality.
What's more, regular exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress, improve concentration and enhance creativity.

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Increased motivation

Healthy competition is a powerful motivator.
Employees are eager to take part in our challenges, to improve their performance and earn XP (experience points).
The result is a more motivated team and outstanding results.

An unforgettable experience

Our fun and physical activity challenges offer an unforgettable experience that will remain engraved in your employees' memories.
The shared memories of these moments strengthen the bonds within the team.


The SPART experience is fully customizable to suit your company's needs and schedule.

You can choose from a variety of themes, challenges, team games and fun competitions.
You can also organize events to bring your colleagues together around an activity directly within the application.

Don't wait any longer to invest in your team's cohesion and well-being.

The SPART experience is the key to creating a harmonious and productive work environment.

Some have adventures, SPART is an adventure!
If you have the reference 🙌

Contact us today to find out more and start your journey towards a more united team and more fulfilled employees.

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