HR and QWL events to improve well-being at work

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Find out how to commit your company to the well-being of your employees through HR and QWL events. Take part in initiatives that improve quality of life at work (QWL) and make your company a better place to work.  

Above all, you need to be aware of what's really important to your employees.

QWL at the heart of company operations - HRMAPS
What do employees want from QWL? HRmaps

An event is the perfect opportunity to improve your QWL and show your employees that you genuinely care about them.

We've put together a selection of not-to-be-missed HR and QWL events.  

So, are you ready to make your company a better place to work?

International Workers' Day: improving working conditions

Labor Day, created by the workers' movement, originated in the 19th century with the aim of improving working conditions. May1st became a worldwide symbol of the struggle for workers' rights in 1886, when demonstrators in the United States called for the eight-hour day. Today, it provides an opportunity to promote and celebrate progress in workers' rights.  

As an employer, this is the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation to your employees. You can write an e-mail or make a speech expressing your gratitude, or award bonuses such as gift cards.  

Like Salesforce, consider giving your employees an extra day off with pay to give them a break and show your appreciation for their work.

International Day for Cultural Diversity: celebrating dialogue and development

Proclaimed in 2001 by UNESCO, it aims to celebrate the richness of the world's cultures, raise awareness of the importance of cultural diversity for sustainable development and social cohesion, and encourage respect, understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Every May 21, it is celebrated with cultural events, conferences, art exhibitions, music and dance performances, debates and workshops.

Take advantage of this day to promote the inclusion and well-being of all your employees, and organize cultural activities such as shows or discussions around cultural diversity in the workplace.  

HSBC sets up a cultural festival with stands representing different countries. This is an opportunity for employees to share food, music and traditions. This enriches understanding of cultural differences within the company.

World Environment Day: initiatives for businesses

It was established by the United Nations in 1972 at the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. Celebrated on June 5, it aims to raise awareness and mobilize people around the world to protect the environment and promote sustainable lifestyles.  

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So that you too can take part in this day, here is a non-exhaustive list of small gestures to put in place:

  • Organize conferences to raise your employees' awareness of sustainable development and the little things they can do on a daily basis.
  • Put up posters on your walls to encourage recycling or turning off lights, for example.
  • Show off your CSR actions to your employees
  • Offer your employees a bonus for using soft mobility on this day

You can also, like IKEA, plant trees and organize workshops on sustainability practices at work and at home to celebrate the day.

In short, encourage your team to be an active member in preserving the environment.

World Wellness Day: promoting well-being at work

Aimed at promoting mental, physical and emotional well-being, World Wellness Day is celebrated every June 10. Its aim is to raise awareness and encourage people to adopt healthy lifestyles, and to take action to promote individual and collective well-being. All activities that promote physical and mental well-being are encouraged on this occasion.

To take advantage of this global day and promote well-being in your company, here are a few ideas for activities to help your employees take care of themselves: yoga classes, cooking and nutrition courses, meditation sessions or sporting events.

For example, Nike offers personalized sports coaching sessions and lectures on nutrition and physical health to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Read our article on how to motivate your employees to take up sport.

Don't panic, if your premises don't allow for such activities, or if you don't have the necessary equipment, you can always decide to hold your activity outside in a park. Another option is to organize a corporate wellness awareness conference remotely or within your offices.  

You can also decide to pay for a consultation for the well-being of your employees (osteopath, psychologist, nutritionist, dietician...). 😊

To make this day a pleasant one for your employees, make sure that their participation in these activities is voluntary. It's also preferable that they take place during working hours.

QWL Week: activities and workshops

Quality of Life at Work Week raises awareness among companies and employees of the importance of well-being at work. Initiatives and actions aimed at improving working conditions and employee satisfaction are put in place. Well-being seminars, work-life balance training, team-building activities, health consultations, employee recognition initiatives and stress management workshops will be on the program.

10 relaxation tips  

Here are a few ideas for activities this week:  

Monday: Conference on the importance of work-life balance

Tuesday: Stretching and relaxation workshop

Wednesday: Stress management workshop

Thursday: Company sports session

Friday: Show your gratitude to your employees with benefits or a bonus

L'Oréal offers workshops on time management, fitness sessions and improved rest areas to encourage a better quality of life at the office.

Don't forget to remind your employees that they are essential to the smooth running of the company, to motivate your team and improve their quality of life at work.

European Week for Safety and Health at Work : prevention and awareness-raising

Organized by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) to promote the importance of health and safety at work. Its main objective is to encourage the commitment of employers and employees to improving working conditions.

Take this opportunity to share information, best practices and resources on the prevention of work-related accidents and illnesses with your employees, to show them that their health is important to you. This way, you can prevent workplace accidents and protect your employees' health.  

Throughout the week, Bosch trains its employees with workshops on workplace safety, simulations and practical exercises to reinforce the safety culture.  

The aim here is to reduce work-related absenteeism and keep your employees fit and healthy.

World Mental Health Day: promoting mental well-being

Once neglected, mental health is now essential. The WHO estimates that one in four Europeans is affected by mental disorders.

A few figures on mental health in France and around the world - Fondation FALRET
Falret Foundation

What better way to remind your employees that their mental health is important to you than to celebrate World Mental Health Day on October 10?  

The aim of the day is to promote mental well-being and raise awareness of mental health, and to encourage support and access to care. It is also an opportunity to defend the rights of people living with mental health problems, by combating their stigmatization.  

This day is the perfect opportunity to show your employees that you care about their mental health. You can decide to set up various activities, such as a conference to inform and prevent mental disorders, or a workshop to relax your employees (meditation, massage, yoga...). You can also support your employees in their care by reimbursing a session with a psychologist, for example.

Unilever's week-long program of mental wellness activities includes mindfulness meditation, yoga and access to psychological counseling.

Inclusion at work: European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities

This initiative aims to raise awareness of the employment of people with disabilities. It promotes professional inclusion by sharing best practices and encouraging employers to adopt inclusive hiring policies.  

It's the perfect opportunity to improve inclusion in your company and promote the employment of people with disabilities.

To do this:

  • Organize disability awareness workshops and workshops on the benefits of inclusion in the workplace  
  • Set up recruitment campaigns in partnership with associations or specialized organizations
  • Display positive messages in your offices or promote solidarity actions in favor of the disabled.
  • Put your disabled employees in the spotlight by inviting them to present their career paths and daily lives.
  • Organize role-playing exercises such as a wheelchair ride or blindfolded.
  • Evaluate your policies, practices and equipment to ensure an accessible and equitable working environment for all

On this occasion, SAP organizes panel discussions featuring disabled employees, as well as initiatives aimed at improving accessibility and inclusion within the company.

In short, it's an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, while also strengthening team cohesion.  

SSE Month in companies: promoting the social and solidarity economy

In November, SSE month aims to promote economic actions based on solidarity, cooperation and sustainable development. It highlights its contributions to social and environmental well-being.

The month of November is therefore an opportunity for your company to put in place all kinds of actions to raise the profile of the SSE and its positive impact on society and the environment.  

  • Organize conferences and roundtables on the subject of SSE
  • Take internal initiatives: volunteer programs, solidarity actions or partnerships with local organizations.  
  • Share success stories or testimonials from employees involved in solidarity projects
  • Offer consumer products and organize solidarity sales
  • Encourage your employees to get involved in voluntary work. To do so, offer them special days off or flexible working hours.  

Crédit Coopératif promotes social and solidarity initiatives such as conferences and partnerships with NGOs to promote community projects.

You now have an overview of the major events that will motivate your employees and reinforce their commitment to your company.

Would you like to improve your company's QWL? Contact us for customized solutions and events

Whether you're looking to promote well-being, mental health or team cohesion, SPART is the perfect partner for all your initiatives.

By Candice Lhomme

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