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The month of QWL with SPART

💥 Must-have offer 💥

4 weeks of well-being at work for your employees

No obligation

🚀 #SPARTchallengeQVT 🚀

An inter-company challenge that will strengthen the cohesion within your teams!

The objective: to bring your company to the first place of the general ranking

💪 The SPART Challenge 💪

Sports challenges accessible to all
Fun challenges to strengthen cohesion
Wellness tips
Inspirational videos with experts (dietician, physiotherapist, chef)

🌟 Incredible rewards 🌟

A moment of exceptional exchange during an exclusive webinar with Linda Bortoletto, renowned explorer and writer

Lots of eco-responsible goodies for the most committed employees (and not only in sports!)

BRAVO! End animation at the success of a common solidarity challenge

🌍 Committed to the environment 🌍

We donate 5% of the profits to the association SWIM FOR CHANGE

This is the story of 5 swimmers who will swim from Marseille to Barcelona (550 km) to encourage the French to adopt a simple gesture: throw away their cigarette butts in the garbage.



Fill out the form to register your company

Register the employees who wish to participate in the file you will receive

Enjoy two unforgettable weeks of QWL and well-being 🎉

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