85% better integrated

Employees involved
in a SPART program
feel more integrated
in their company

Are you one of only 7% of companies that encourage their employees to play sports( Decathlon pro 2017survey )?
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other benefits
of corporate sport

Not only does SPART promote the integration of employees, but thanks to the physical activity practiced during the SPART experience, it also participates in the improvement of their:
👉 mental, physical and emotional health
👉 motivation with a decrease in the absenteeism rate
👉 productivity
👉 self-confidence

TOP 3 Sports Disciplines
offered by companies:

1 ❯ Relaxation activities (yoga, tai chi, chi gong...)
2 ❯ Running, power walking, trail running, orienteering
3 ❯ Fitness activities (fitness, weight training, dance, gym, crossfit...)

THE 10 Undisputed Reasons to adopt
sports in the workplace

10 reasons to adopt sport at work
1 ❯ No more absenteeism
2 ❯ More productive employees
3 ❯ More profits, less expenses
4 ❯ A good work/life balance

To know the other 6 reasons, check our dedicated article 😉