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Updated : April 2024
Are you looking to strengthen cohesion and team spirit within your company? Our SPART program is here to help! In fact, regular physical activity has been shown to stimulate mutual support, communication and motivation among employees.

Thanks to our easy-to-use mobile application, our team of sport and business management experts can offer you a fun, turnkey solution for integrating sport into your business.

Whether you want to organize company challenges, group sports courses or individual challenges, SPART is the ideal solution to encourage team cohesion and performance among your employees.

What is team cohesion?

Team cohesion, also known as team spirit, is first and foremost the force that unites all team members to achieve a common goal. It's the feeling of solidarity, trust and mutual support that enables everyone to give their best for the good of the team.

Team cohesion is built up over time through clear and open communication, positive interactions, and moments of sharing and collaboration. It is essential for a high-performance team, as it enables us to overcome difficulties and challenges as they arise, and to develop a strong team spirit.

With the SPART application, you can strengthen your team's cohesion through fun and friendly sporting challenges that will stimulate motivation, communication and mutual support between colleagues.

How to do it concretely

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The importance of strengthening
team cohesion
for company success

Strengthening team cohesion is essential for the success of a company, as it allows for a harmonious and collaborative work dynamic.

This contributes to the satisfaction and well-being of employees, who then feel more motivated and committed to their work. By working together in a friendly environment, team members understand each other better, get to know each other better and develop mutual trust, which allows them to coordinate better and solve problems faster.

Team cohesion also promotes innovation, information sharing, creativity and safe risk-taking, as team members trust each other and can dare to come up with innovative and bold ideas.
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How to foster team cohesion: our tips

Discover the top 6 tips for successfully creating good corporate team cohesion!

1️⃣ Encourage internal communication: communication is essential for building strong relationships between team members. Managers and project leaders should encourage discussion, cooperation and the sharing of ideas, around a common project for example.

2️⃣ Plan group activities: organizing activities outside the workplace can help team members get to know each other better, strengthen their cohesion and develop their skills. Sports activities, team building, training sessions, games, seminars, cultural outings or company meals are all options to consider to maximize group dynamics and team spirit...

3️⃣ Valuing every team member: as group leader, you need to show that every member is important to the team's success. By encouraging recognition and appreciation of everyone's contributions, you strengthen team cohesion.

4️⃣ Establish a shared vision: a clear, shared vision of the team's common goal is essential for creating a sense of belonging and boosting motivation.

5️⃣ Encourage mutual support: adopting a management style that encourages team members to help each other is an excellent way of strengthening cohesion and developing a spirit of solidarity.

6️⃣ Encourage active listening: active listening is a key element in fostering communication and strengthening team cohesion. Your role is to encourage team members to listen attentively to the ideas and opinions of other individuals.

By following these tips, you can help your team to strengthen its cohesion and achieve its objectives effectively and harmoniously.

Choose Spart to strengthen your company's team spirit!

To be successful, a team needs to be cohesive and work coherently. It's therefore important to create a working atmosphere conducive to the personal fulfillment of each team member.

To succeed in this mission, SPART is your best ally! Our mobile application offers sports coaching activities to strengthen team cohesion in the workplace. The benefits of corporate sports with SPART are manifold:

▪️ The activities on offer promote team cohesion and help create strong bonds between colleagues.

▪️ Corporate sports with SPART help improve employee health and well-being by reducing stress.

▪️ SPART offers turnkey solutions for organizing corporate sports events tailored to the needs and objectives of each company.

▪️ Regular practice of a sporting activity with SPART improves performance at work by increasing concentration, productivity, collective intelligence and creativity.

▪️ Corporate sport with SPART helps to improve the company's image by demonstrating its commitment to the well-being of employees and the environment.

▪️ SPART offers environmentally-friendly physical activities to encourage a CSR approach within the company.

So don't hesitate any longer and get your team involved in this collective adventure, by downloading our SPART application now! You'll be perfectly equipped to forge strong bonds thanks to our wide range of services: wellbeing advice, sporting or fun challenges, personalized program, animation by a community manager... Choose the SPART formula that's right for your company!

Fun, performance and group cohesion: SPART reinvents your work dynamics

SPART offers a genuine experience where sport meets fun and good humor.
By integrating sport into everyday working life, SPART transforms challenges into moments of excitement, training sessions into a source of motivation, and interactions between colleagues into moments of conviviality.

Every sporting activity becomes an opportunity to surpass oneself while sharing moments of complicity with one's teammates.
Thanks to SPART, sport becomes synonymous with pleasure and well-being, strengthening bonds within the team and fostering a positive, dynamic working atmosphere.

So, are you ready to put a little SPART into your company's life?

Merging sport and digital: SPART's recipe for boosting team cohesion!

In an increasingly digitalized world, the combination of sport and digital technology is proving to be a powerful catalyst for team cohesion.

SPART offers much more than just a platform: it becomes the point of convergence where sports practice meets the most effective collaborative digital tools.

Thanks to SPART, communication between your team members is instantaneous, fluid and enriched by features dedicated to sharing information and coordinating activities.

What's more, SPART creates an interactive work environment where sporting challenges become opportunities for collaboration and mutual support, strengthening bonds between colleagues.

By integrating SPART into your team-building strategy, you benefit from a powerful lever that encourages participation and boosts the work atmosphere, all in an intuitive, user-friendly digital environment.

Focus on SPART's team-building tools and features

Discover how SPART offers a complete application to strengthen bonds between your employees, stimulate collaboration and foster a harmonious, productive working environment.

Progress monitoring

Our SPART application offers a powerful tool for tracking individual and collective progress.
Thanks to customized dashboards and intuitive progress charts, your teams can visualize their progress in real time.

What's more, intelligent reminders are integrated to maintain commitment to the objectives defined together, reinforcing the sense of collective accomplishment.

Instant communication and sharing

Facilitate communication between your team members with our instant messaging and content sharing features.

Create thematic groups for targeted discussions, and encourage informal exchanges that strengthen the bonds between colleagues, even at a distance.

Fun challenges and competitions

Stimulate enthusiasm and collaboration within your team by taking on fun challenges and competitions on SPART!

Organize challenges tailored to your missions, encouraging cooperation, friendly competition and challenging yourself.
These entertaining activities strengthen team cohesion while energizing the work atmosphere.

Feedback and recognition

Foster a culture of positive feedback and mutual recognition with our dedicated features.

Encourage your team members to give constructive feedback and encouragement, reinforcing a climate of trust and mutual support conducive to professional fulfillment.

Training resources and content

Access a comprehensive library of resources and training content on SPART to help your teams develop their skills and strengthen their cohesion.
From inspiring coaching videos to articles on best practices in teamwork to interactive online training sessions, our resources are designed to stimulate the professional and personal development of each and every one of your employees.

SPART is much more than just an app: it's a true partner for boosting team cohesion within your company. By skilfully combining the power of sport with collaborative digital tools, SPART offers a unique experience, conducive to professional fulfillment and the strengthening of bonds between colleagues.

Thanks to its innovative functionalities, SPART facilitates communication, encourages collaboration and stimulates motivation, thus creating a dynamic and harmonious working environment. Whether in the office or telecommuting, SPART adapts to all contexts, enabling your teams to stay connected and engaged, even at a distance.

By choosing SPART, you're opting for much more than just a solution: you're investing in your company's collective success, by cultivating a strong, supportive team culture. So don't wait any longer!
Contact us today and transform the way your team works and thrives together.

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Wonderful application that I highly recommend!
Fun, sport, interaction, challenge, all in one!
Maria Baaklini
Assistant Manager, Opal Opera Hotel
An app that allows you to (re)do sports with a challenge while carrying out solidarity actions! A healthy competition in the company that allows animated discussions around the coffee machine!
I recommend!
Audrey Lemaitre - HR Director Euratechnologies
Audrey Lemaitre
HRD, Euratechnologies
Using SPART on a daily basis in my company is an enriching experience: athletically & personally!
It allows you to create a bond with your colleagues, to have new challenges & goals to do sports at your own pace 💪
Charlotte Blomart - Resp Marketing/com Qualimetrie
Charlotte Blomart
Resp Marketing/Com, Qualimetrie