How to boost your happy hormones?

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Happiness depends only on you! Or almost...

If you have understood the principle of the happiness hormones seen in our previous articlethen you are asking yourself: how to strengthen them?

Because yes, with the stress of everyday life, certain dysfunctions can occur and cause a decrease in the effectiveness of these essential hormones.

So, how do you give them a good boost to fully benefit from their wellness effects?

Hold on to your smile, we'll tell you everything right below...

A little reminder: The 4 happiness hormones are Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin and Endorphin. These are chemical substances produced by our brain that contribute to sending us real "shots" of pleasure or happiness.

With stress, fatigue or anxiety, these can be disrupted and no longer be fully effective, sometimes even affecting your morale or your health.

In need of dopamine?

Tired? Depressed? What if you have a dopamine deficiency?

What can be done about it?

1️⃣ Listening to music

Music not only sweetens the pot, it also helps create dopamine by activating the pleasure centers of the brain. Why not? According to some research, the hits of the 80s would have very good results...

Confidence for confidence, it's up to you, each one will react according to what he appreciates... (attention, a title of the 80's was voluntarily slipped in this paragraph)

2️⃣ A good night's sleep

Dopamine acts on the regulation of the sleep phases, but it also needs regular sleep to not be disturbed in its production cycle.

Tip: keep regular hours, sleep 7 to 9 hours a night and avoid excessive sleepless nights...

3️⃣ Playing sports

It's a known fact: playing sports regularly helps to create Dopamine. Succeeding in a sporting challenge brings a sense of pride and achievement that comes from the release of dopamine.

And that's not all, if sport has many recognized beneficial effects on health, research indicates its contribution to the improvement of vascular health in connection with the production of dopamine.

You may not have expected it, but sports are good for your head!

4️⃣ Meditation

Reputedly anti-stress, the regular practice of meditation has favorable effects on concentration. And who says concentration... Says production of dopamine. Enough to make you zen!

Note: If you end your shower with cold water, your dopamine secretion soars!

In need of oxytocin?

The cuddle hormone is stimulated by... cuddling! How surprising!

Create moments for physical or verbal affection: nice conversations, soft words, hugs...

Hang out with your friends, be with your family or couple and enjoy those intimate moments where you are pampered and feel good.

Note: 20 seconds of cuddling a day and you'll have a bag full of oxytocin! (However, I remind you that hugs must be consensual! Auntie Danielle's kisses with a moustache, for example...)

In need of Serotonin?

A weakened immune system, anxiety or migraine may be symptoms indicating a Serotonin deficiency.

What can be done about it?

1️⃣ Take a walk in nature

Sunlight and quietness in nature help to produce serotonin! This is the time to go hiking, to walk in the heart of a forest or mountains to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful views worthy of the postcards of yesteryear!

2️⃣ Eat chocolate

Some plants or foods contribute to the production of our hormone: bananas, nuts, pineapple, turmeric, green tea... But good news: dark chocolate too!

So when someone tries to make you feel guilty for your chocolate indulgence, you already know what to say, "No, I'm maintaining my serotonin!"

3️⃣ Always the sport

Yes, sport is good for our hormones and not only dopamine, but also serotonin! The proof in pictures :

In need of endorphins?

Laugh, sing, dance, have fun!

Nice program, isn't it? And guess what: it's good for your endorphins!

Nothing like a good laugh to release endorphins!  

Crying also releases endorphins, but it's not as pleasant, is it?

What about sports?

Well, it works too! When we tell you that sport and happiness hormones are a great love story!

The more effort you put in over time, the more endorphins are produced. Regular physical activity has nothing but benefits for our hormone buddies!

Note: as with serotonin, eating chocolate or sweets helps produce endorphins.

Come on, that's it for today! With this, if you're not shaken up for this long winter season, I'm willing to watch a whole month of Christmas movies (No, please, not that!).

So, do activities that make you want to do them and take the time to do them! Play music, create a painting or sculpture, read a good book...

If you do what you like then you will feel pleasure and this will contribute to the good functioning of your happiness hormones.

As they say, "help yourself and the sky will help you"! In other words: do yourself good and your hormones will follow!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you reading.

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