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Companies: improve the well-being at work
for your teams

Are you concerned about the well-being of your teams?

You are on the right track to improve the productivity and loyalty of your staff by working on their well-being.

Indeed, an employee who is happy in his work environment is more motivated, creative and committed to the success of his company. There are many solutions to improve the well-being at work of your teams, whether by limiting stress, redesigning work spaces or organizing working time differently.

You can also opt for a mobile application like SPART to help your employees better manage their mental and physical health at work.

So, are you ready to improve the quality of life at work for your teams?

Workplace well-being, definition and concept in a few words

Did you know that well-being at work is essential for the physical and mental health of your employees according to the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety)?
This notion is defined as the state of satisfaction, comfort and safety felt by an employee in his professional environment.

According to the article of law L4121-1 of the Labor Code, it is a legal obligation of the employer who has the responsibility to guarantee the safety and protect the health of its workers. But don't panic, we are here to help you create a positive and stimulating work environment!

Several factors can contribute to improve the well-being at work
▪️ A pleasant work environment with an adequate layout of work spaces, appropriate lighting and good air quality can have a positive impact on the mental and physical health of employees.

▪️ Transparent communication and a caring management policy can reduce stress and anxiety at work.

▪️ Incorporating natural elements such as plants into the workspace can help improve mood and reduce stress for employees.

Together, let's build a work environment where your employees feel fulfilled and satisfied!

How to do it concretely

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Why set up
actions for
Well-being at work?

Working in an organization where wellness is the focus is beneficial on all levels for you and your employees.

As an employer, you will see the positive impact on productivity, engagement and retention of your employees, while reducing costs related to stress, absenteeism and sick leave.

And for your employees, it is a source of happiness at work and satisfaction in their day-to-day jobs, which translates into greater motivation and creativity.

Improving your brand image and your ability to attract new talent is also a significant benefit.

In short, creating a healthy and happy work environment stimulates collective intelligence and promotes greater organizational agility.

The synergies between mental and physical well-being

Mental and physical well-being are closely linked!

In fact, our bodies and minds are interconnected, which means that taking care of both is essential to maintaining a healthy mind-body connection.

When we are stressed or have physical health issues, it can affect our mental well-being.
Likewise, poor mental health can have a negative impact on our bodies.

That's why taking care of our bodies by exercising and eating a healthy diet can have a positive impact on our minds and mental health.

In addition, by managing our stress effectively, treating physical health problems and taking care of our mental health, we can improve our overall well-being.

So let's take care of our bodies and minds for a healthier and happier life!

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The impact of well-being at work on company performance

Do you know that well-being at work is a major issue for companies?
Indeed, it helps to strengthen the competitiveness and performance of the company.

Several factors should be taken into account to combine well-being at work and company performance.

▪️ First of all, it is important to fight against psychosocial risks that can affect the productivity of the company. As such, prevention is a key element in creating working conditions that are conducive to employees' health at work.

▪️ Secondly, a pleasant working environment, with ergonomic equipment, can also contribute to employees' well-being and therefore to their productivity.

▪️ In addition, employees' well-being at work makes them more motivated and more involved, which translates into a better atmosphere internally, more effective collaboration, and increased creativity.

▪️ Finally, a professional environment where employees feel listened to, respected and valued helps to foster dialogue and mutual trust.

▪️ This positive work atmosphere also contributes to employee loyalty and to attracting new talent, which is a major issue for the recruitment of interesting profiles.

Thus, well-being at work is a key element to improve the performance and productivity of the company.

SPART, a fun and sporty program to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of employees

SPART is a customizable mobile application to encourage regular physical activity and strengthen team cohesion.

It offers a program of actions for well-being at work around sport and well-being. This program is accessible to everyone.

Employees receive wellness tips and sports or fun challenges every week.
Follow-up reports are made for your Quality of Life at Work or QWL assessments.

SPART is also adaptable to your company with phases adapted to the professional rhythm of your employees.
Our community managers animate your community throughout the experience.
High-level athletes are part of the SPART team.
We organize federative events as well as events on nutrition, stress and sleep.

SPART, the solution to strengthen team cohesion

The SPART application has been designed to contribute to the physical and mental well-being of your employees, and this includes strengthening team cohesion.

Thanks to the sports and fun challenges offered each week, your employees can mobilize around a solidarity objective for the benefit of an association.
They can also form teams to take part in these challenges, which encourages them to work together to achieve a common goal.

The rankings by team and by activity allow everyone to see how they compare with the other participants and to challenge themselves. Finally, our community managers animate your community throughout the experience to create a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

With SPART, you can therefore promote the cohesion of your teams while improving their well-being and health.

Quickly visible results with our application

How to improve well-being at work in concrete terms? SPART tells you all about it:

With SPART, 80% of the employees of our client companies have practiced more physical activity and walked an average of 1.9 km more per day than the average in France.

In addition, 75% of the employees of our client companies have noticed an improvement in their well-being, particularly in terms of stress management and mental health.

Employees can also take part in collective physical and fun challenges, with an average of 4 challenges completed per month on the application.

SPART also helps strengthen the social bond between employees, with 85% of participants feeling better integrated into their company and exchanging an average of 3.7 weekly messages with their team on the application.

Thanks to all these benefits, the results are quickly visible for a high-performance company and an active community for less absenteeism.

Contact us for a demo or for any question!

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Hear from some of our incredible customers 🤩
Wonderful application that I highly recommend!
Fun, sport, interaction, challenge, all in one!
Maria Baaklini
Assistant Manager, Opal Opera Hotel
An app that allows you to (re)do sports with a challenge while carrying out solidarity actions! A healthy competition in the company that allows animated discussions around the coffee machine!
I recommend!
Audrey Lemaitre - HR Director Euratechnologies
Audrey Lemaitre
HRD, Euratechnologies
Using SPART on a daily basis in my company is an enriching experience: athletically & personally!
It allows you to create a bond with your colleagues, to have new challenges & goals to do sports at your own pace 💪
Charlotte Blomart - Resp Marketing/com Qualimetrie
Charlotte Blomart
Resp Marketing/Com, Qualimetrie