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SPORT in the workplace :
the well-being challenge

at all levels
Employees & employers

Adopting sport in the company is more than ever topical:

While some companies have difficulty recruiting, while companies are asked to pay more and more attention to the well-being of their employees ...

Engage a policy of well-being and physical activity within his company is an unstoppable response to these issues.

The impact is more than beneficial for both the employees and the company.

image physical activity

For the employee

Better mental health and ways of managing stress.

6 years old

of delaying the age of dependence

30 à 34€

savings on the health budget / year

For the company

To adapt to new ways of working and to enhance teamwork in every way.

6 à 9%

productivity gain per employee

30 à 40%

reduction in absenteeism

10 compelling reasons to take up sport at work

Download the infographic.
No more excuses... You've been warned.

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10 reasons to take up sport at work

Reasons to adopt sport in the workplace

The reasons are well known: thanks to these activities, you get healthier and more motivated employees, an enhanced and attractive corporate image, etc.

‍Note: 89% of company managers observe the benefits of physical and sports activities (more well-being, more team spirit, etc.).

It is therefore an excellent way to succeed in your CSR and QVCTpolicies...

Enough to put a smile on HR's face and get everyone in shape!

It would be crazy to miss it!

Key figures

Workplace accidents
Team building

How to do it concretely

We'll give you a quick call back to explain it all 👌
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and why not
at work?

How about taking some time at work to get a boost, to refuel?

7% or 10% of employees do it(Harris Interactive 2020/OpinionWay, 2018)...

‍Andwhy not more?

Yet, 83% of want to practice a physical and sports activity (PSA) at work(Harris interactive 2020).

According to a Toluna-Harris Interactive study (2022) for the Medef and Paris 2024, in 2022, only 13% of company managers have set up facilities in favor of sports practice.

What a gap!

Visuals of the SPART application.
Morning shot, content customization. Sporting and fun challenges, ranking.

Some brakes exist:

▪️Côté employer: we see the difficulties of access to sports facilities, the budget, the fear of responsibility in case of accident, the time taken from work, the problem of premises or the idea that the company does not have this role...

▪️Côté employee: Sport seen as a leisure activity, offers not very adapted, the search for individual practices...

And yet...
With 80% of workers having a sedentary activity at work, we can clearly measure the road to travel and the interest to combine well-being, health and work!

‍Inreality, we accumulate all the good points: ideal time and place, but also various assets for companies and employees .

a demo
a question?

Sport: we all need it!

Would you like to be healthier and happier? Of course it does!
For that, we know the importance of practicing a sport and having regular physical activities.

It's good for your morale and it's good for your health... All the studies show it. And you don't need to be a pro!

20-30 min/day is enough, according to theWHO, to feel the benefits.
In 2020, 65% of French people (15 years and older) have practiced at least one physical activity and sport during the last twelve months.

This is not bad! But this masks many disparities: difficulties in maintaining duration or intensity, etc.
Yes, it's hard to maintain regular physical activity!

In 2022, you wanted to train an average of 3 hours and 4 minutes more per week... A good resolution, but not so easy to keep.

Between work and family, you sometimes have little time left to devote to sports activities...

A report (Santé Publique France 2020) explains that between 25 and 40 years old, we don't practice much... Because of a lack of time!

So what to do?

Don't just
take our word for it

Hear from some of our incredible customers 🤩
Wonderful application that I highly recommend!
Fun, sport, interaction, challenge, all in one!
Maria Baaklini
Assistant Manager, Opal Opera Hotel
An app that allows you to (re)do sports with a challenge while carrying out solidarity actions! A healthy competition in the company that allows animated discussions around the coffee machine!
I recommend!
Audrey Lemaitre - HR Director Euratechnologies
Audrey Lemaitre
HRD, Euratechnologies
Using SPART on a daily basis in my company is an enriching experience: athletically & personally!
It allows you to create a bond with your colleagues, to have new challenges & goals to do sports at your own pace 💪
Charlotte Blomart - Resp Marketing/com Qualimetrie
Charlotte Blomart
Resp Marketing/Com, Qualimetrie

Sport in the workplace: several formulas

Caution: before you launch, ask your employees about their desires. There's no point in making large investments if it's not a shared project...

‍Don't forget that each of your employees will have varying expectations and levels: beginner, sporty, occasional or experienced .
There are many choices and decisions to be made: individual classes? Group classes? What time slot? Which activity(ies)?

‍Surveyyour teams well to build your project together.
Once this is done, several options are available to you:
Sports facilities - SPART

1. Organize and set up dedicated areas either inside or outside the company

An investment in specialized equipment can be made in both cases: gym with various machines or outdoor equipment... Don't forget the showers!

This gym available to employees gives a dynamic image of the company.


Everything is on site and time is saved. You can arrange for a coach to come to your premises.


A financial investment and maintenance that requires a regular budget. Not to mention that some individual sports enthusiasts (running, biking, etc.) will not find it to their liking.

2. Offer a gym membership


If you find a place close to your premises, we don't go too far away. The burden of the equipment and its maintenance is not your responsibility. You don't need a special space or showers...


The gym may be far from your company... Not very practical!
The gyms only offer indoor activities. And you are rarely alone...
For the shy ones, it is not yet that!
Gym membership - SPART
Sports coach - SPART

3. Choose a "turnkey" solution

Call on specialized partners offering personalized support who will be able to organize regular sports activities, whatever your space...
We can imagine the organization of internal or inter-company competitions (soccer tournaments or even table soccer...) or the collective registration to sports events (races and marathons).


You let them do it... Everything is their responsibility!


These are always group activities and rarely outdoors... and the cost is not easily affordable for all companies.

4. A digital offer

You can also offer your employees a digital sports solution.
On mobile or tablet, applications set the tone for organizing activities!
Team or solo challenges, goal tracking, expert advice or live coaching, online sports courses and replays...
The services are varied.


You don't have to worry about anything and the employee can choose his pace and location. These formulas can be adapted to everyone!
You can even organize tournaments between companies or form internal teams to challenge the different departments. The price is often attractive.


You are never sure that all your employees will take advantage of the subscription offered.
You do not have a face-to-face coach, but a virtual or video coach...
Digital offer - SPART application

But it works pretty well for the SPART app 👌

"I think in March I'll walk my kids to school every day I telecommute! 2km assured each time!"
JG Burlet

"Whatever the rank, I loved doing the challenge with you. I am super proud of you all: a crazy team!"
Carole Daniel

"Hello, I too had a little slump yesterday at home, so I took my bike and came to the class twice in a row! This hasn't happened to me in a long time!"
Dorothée Grimonpont