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Get involved in a CSR approach
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Today, in France as elsewhere, more and more companies are turning to a responsible and committed approach to sustainable development and social responsibility.
Indeed, consumers and employees are increasingly sensitive to environmental and social issues, and companies must adapt to meet these expectations.

It is in this context that the SPART application makes sense: by offering a turnkey platform to encourage employees to engage in solidarity actions and improve their well-being at work through sports challenges and fun activities. SPART allows companies to implement an effective and engaging CSR approach.

Discover how our application can help your company to engage in a responsible and motivating approach for all!

CSR approach: the definition

What is CSR? It is simply Corporate Social Responsibility.
The European Commission defines it as "the responsibility of companies with regard to the effects they have on society".

To summarize, it is a set of actions that companies put in place to be more respectful of the environment, of people and of society in general. This approach concerns all of the company's stakeholders.

CSR refers to all of the ethical, social and environmental practices that a company must respect, often going beyond what is required by law and international codes such as the ISO 26000 standard.

Yes, companies are not only there to make a profit, they also have a role to play in our society!

The CSR approach is therefore the fact of adopting a more responsible and sustainable approach in its activities. This can be done by reducing waste, promoting equal opportunities, respecting human rights or developing environmentally friendly products.

So yes, it may seem like a bit of a serious subject, but it is important! Moreover, it is an approach that can be beneficial for the companies themselves. Indeed, consumers are more and more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment and society, and they are therefore more and more attentive to the practices of companies.

Adopting a CSR approach can therefore be a good way to build customer loyalty and attract new consumers!

How to do it concretely

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The advantages for the company
of setting up
solidarity actions

More and more companies are adopting a social and societal responsibility approach, which consists in taking into account social and environmental issues in their activity.
In this context, the implementation of solidarity activities and actions can have many advantages for the company.

First of all, these actions allow the company to reinforce its CSR commitment.
Indeed, by supporting solidarity initiatives, the company shows that it cares about social and environmental issues, which can contribute to strengthening its brand image and its reputation with the public.

Moreover, the implementation of a CSR approach including solidarity actions can contribute to federate the company's actors around a common cause. By participating in these actions, employees can feel more involved in the company, which can have a positive impact on their motivation and commitment.

Finally, solidarity activities can have a positive impact on the company's performance. By engaging in social and environmental initiatives, the company can, for example, develop new markets, strengthen its reputation or attract new customers.

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The advantages for employees of setting up solidarity actions

The implementation of a strategy of solidarity actions within the framework of a CSR approach can have many advantages for the company's employees.

First of all, these actions allow employees to get involved in causes that are important to them. By participating in solidarity initiatives, they can contribute to improving the society in which they live and feel useful. This involvement can also strengthen their sense of belonging to the company, which can have a positive impact on their motivation and commitment.

In addition, participation in solidarity actions can help develop employees' skills. Indeed, these actions may require the mobilization of specific skills, such as project management, communication or creativity.

By participating in these initiatives, employees can therefore develop new skills and gain experience in areas that can be useful in their work.

Finally, solidarity actions can contribute to strengthening the links between employees in the company. By working together on solidarity projects, employees can strengthen their team cohesion and their spirit of solidarity.

Example of a CSR approach in a company

Here are three examples of CSR approaches in companies:

▪️ A responsible purchasing policy: the company ensures that it selects suppliers that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible and ethical.

▪️ A carbon footprint reduction program: the company implements actions to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and is committed to an ecological transition process.

▪️ Other CSR company example: the organization of solidarity sports events: the company organizes sports events (marathons, races, etc.) in favor of a social or environmental cause and encourages its employees to participate in them to strengthen their commitment and their sense of belonging to the company.


Sport and CSR are the perfect marriage... without any complexity.

Get your teams moving with our fun, turnkey mobile application

SPART is a fun, turnkey mobile application that allows you to get your teams moving in a fun and motivating way. With SPART, you can organize inter-company sports challenges, competitions between teams or individual challenges for your employees.

This application is easy to use and offers interactive features to allow your teams to connect and challenge each other remotely. With SPART, you can improve team cohesion, reduce stress and increase productivity by encouraging your employees to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle.

Find the formula that fits your company!

CSR and well-being at work: the benefits of sport at work

The corporate sport can be a corporate social responsibility initiative that promotes employee well-being and increases their level of commitment.It provides many benefits for employees, both physically and mentally.

▪️ First, engaging in regular physical activity helps prevent sedentary-related diseases, such as muscle pain or heart problems.

▪️ Second, sports can help reduce stress and anxiety, promoting the production of endorphins and providing a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

▪️ Finally, sport can help strengthen the bonds between employees, promoting team spirit and conviviality.

So, don't hesitate any longer to integrate sport in the company to create a good working atmosphere, improve the well-being of your employees and their efficiency!

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Hear from some of our incredible customers 🤩
Wonderful application that I highly recommend!
Fun, sport, interaction, challenge, all in one!
Maria Baaklini
Assistant Manager, Opal Opera Hotel
An app that allows you to (re)do sports with a challenge while carrying out solidarity actions! A healthy competition in the company that allows animated discussions around the coffee machine!
I recommend!
Audrey Lemaitre - HR Director Euratechnologies
Audrey Lemaitre
HRD, Euratechnologies
Using SPART on a daily basis in my company is an enriching experience: athletically & personally!
It allows you to create a bond with your colleagues, to have new challenges & goals to do sports at your own pace 💪
Charlotte Blomart - Resp Marketing/com Qualimetrie
Charlotte Blomart
Resp Marketing/Com, Qualimetrie