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Feeling good about yourself and your body through sport

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Feeling good about yourself and your body through sport

With the lack of sunshine, temperatures that aren't ideal for outdoor activity... I miss summer! Don't you?

Fortunately, there are remedies to this: you can always make homemade aperitifs at home, put logs in your fireplace, start a marathon of series until Christmas...

But against seasonal depression, we have a friend we can always count on... Sport!

If you want to feel good about yourself, no matter what the season, you can always count on him!

Come on, we'll explain it all in 5 minutes... Sports itch guaranteed!

Fall Blues-SPART

Fall Blues

With winter coming, you know, we have less sun, less light...

So no more good doses of vitamin D! Then you feel a drop in morale and a little demotivation... Right?

Breathe, don't panic!

Whether it's a temporary blues, a seasonal dip in morale or a big "headache" with the worries that go with it...

The solution is simple: you just need to exercise!

Sport is good for morale - SPART

Sport is good for morale

Take the time to move: go for a short walk, bike ride, jog or just do some physical movement or breathing exercises...

I know... In autumn, you just want to throw yourself into your couch, under a blanket, and drink something warm in front of the TV... and that's when you're so wrong!

Yes, it's ugly and yes, it's cold... But if you hang in there, I can assure you that you'll thank us... (Eye of the tiger, eye of the tiger, man... What do you mean Rocky is for old people?)

Come on, we believe in it: a good sweater, a good jacket, good shoes and here we go!

And if you're already hot, let's get out the shirt and shorts. Let's be crazy...

Because sport is a real natural antidepressant... All the specialists say so!

In just a few minutes of sport per day, I guarantee you will feel better about yourself!

And don't worry, you don't have to be a seasoned athlete to benefit... Anyone can do it with a few good tips and good habits.


With only 30 minutes/day of physical activity, not only will your body be well maintained, but above all, it will release endorphins, the famous "happiness hormone ".

These molecules, discovered in 1975, are the equivalent of doses of morphine or opium but released by your brain. It gives you a feeling of well-being, euphoria, power or ecstasy(and it's legal and safe!)

Even better: you can feel anxiolytic and even analgesic effects to varying degrees depending on the efforts made. No more stress and pain thanks to endorphins! (In any case, if it doesn't make certain sensations disappear, it reduces them considerably, and that's always a plus, isn't it?)

And as we head towards the winter cold, the body inevitably works much harder to warm up and produces more endorphins... What a way to wish for the rapid arrival of winter!

(So, what are we waiting for? Do we get out those jogging-sneakers?)

Quick tip:

Ideally, you should alternate fast and slow efforts, so, for example, combine a little running with some cardio efforts of 5 to 10 minutes.

That's it: 5 minutes and counting! I hope that all this has given you a bit of energy and desire to move, to expend yourself and to motivate your friends to join you... It's more fun when you do it with others, isn't it?

I wish you lots of endorphins and happiness with this return to sport.

(Come on, I'm going for a walk... Besides, I have to take the dog out... are you still here? Anybody home? Hello? Who turned off the light?)

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