Well-being in the workplace, a new lever of attractiveness

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The health and economic crisis has reshuffled the deck: the quest for meaning, well-being at work, the search for a balance between professional and personal life, and corporate responsibility are all criteria that your future employees are now taking into account in their thinking. Be prepared to seduce (rather than negotiate) if you want to stay in the race. It's up to you to convince them with your best arguments!

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Remuneration, missions, what is now taken into consideration for candidates

According to a survey by JOB4, it is now the offer of assignments that ranks first among the selection criteria most considered by candidates. They must be intellectually stimulating, challenging and diverse enough to allow for the acquisition of new skills. Personal development and the work environment have taken precedence over compensation.

Why and how to implement concrete actions to develop a sense of well-being at work

Well-being at work is as much about psychological well-being as it is about social and physical well-being. So you need to reduce the negative factors that contribute to stress, fatigue and mental strain. At the same time, you'll be taking steps to encourage team cohesion, a sense of belonging and personal fulfillment. 

Be convinced of the positive effects of your actions: this feeling of well-being at work will have positive repercussions on the productivity of your company, its attractiveness and the commitment of your team. An employee who feels good in his head and body will be in the best possible position to give the best of himself.

Need some inspiration? Here are some practices to put you at the forefront of recruitment and workplace well-being

- Propose projects that make sense

What does that mean? To create a fulfilling professional perspective, at the service of the company but also in line with the candidates' values. This is the time to take care of your employer brand and to highlight the strengths of your corporate culture. Be convincing about the actions you are taking in terms of environmental and social responsibility. Give them something concrete!  

- Opt for collaborative management

From now on, this new management method breaks the codes and makes a cross on a traditional and descending hierarchy. Don't think vertical anymore, it's time for holacracy!

As a new collaborative manager, learn to consult your employees and include them in certain strategic choices. Encourage consultation, exchange of best practices, collective or individual debriefings whenever possible.

- Provide a fulfilling work environment

The layout of the spaces directly influences the level of well-being at work of your employees. It may seem obvious from the amount of time spent on it, but few companies have the means to create spaces that are thought out and adapted to rest, catering and sports activities. If you thought you could solve this by installing a table soccer, it might not be enough :) 

You can redesign your work environment while boosting the creativity of your teams through design thinking. This participative and collective process allows you to take into account the needs of each person and to make the company a better place to live. 

Here are a few borrowed recipes: comfortable and flexible furniture, a dose of natural light, touches of color that reveal the atmosphere, plants, and the trick is to create a comfortable and flexible environment. And to take it a step further: the creation of a relaxation room, a soundproof telephone booth and a common kitchen will enhance your attractiveness. It's your turn for after-work!

- Adjusting working hours

And yes, we don't need to tell you, flexibility has become the norm. 

The figures speak for themselves: according to the recruitment firm Robert Half, in 2022, 42% of managers believe that remote work will help attract talent and 55% of candidates will decline an offer that does not include it. To remain attractive and promote work-life balance, offering a hybrid work mode has become a must! 

Since the health crisis, some companies have also taken the step to a four-day week with five days pay. In concrete terms, there are two options. The first is to reduce the number of weekly working hours. Alternatively, you can keep your 35-hour work week by extending the daily working hours. The result is increased productivity and happier employees! 

Others allow their employees to get involved in solidarity projects. Being involved in a cause or in the general interest during working hours is a fantastic opportunity for personal development. 

Finally, some managers choose to give time to their employees to develop intrapreneurship projects. This is a new source of motivation for employees in search of meaning and autonomy and generates innovation for the company.

- Offer additional services

If the size of the company allows it, the implementation of facilitating services can relieve the daily life of your employees: whether it is an inter-company crèche or a concierge service, these new advantages will be a vector of well-being at work and attractiveness. 

The practice of sport in companies is also a very good initiative that will have real results in terms of physical health, quality of life at work and team cohesion. Applications have been created to simplify this new sport dynamic, we are well placed to tell you about it :)

Well we'll grant you, the list can be scary 😅, but some transitions are simpler to put in place to take action!


Take your workplace wellness strategy even further with SPART

An accessible project that does not call into question the fundamentals of the company and can be implemented quickly and smoothly 😀 With SPART, you approach the notion of well-being at work through sport and physical activity. Which is already a good starting point! Besides, it's trendy since 80% of employees want to practice a physical activity at work.

What if we introduce ourselves?

In a few lines with SPART, we offer you wellness programs at work with a wide choice of fun, sporty or soothing challenges to be carried out alone or with colleagues. SPART is also a follow-up and a daily animation of your collaborators which offers the best advices to progress and create links. A new way to unite your teams and boost your attractiveness.

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