Sport and wellness-resolutions 2023

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Congratulations and welcome to 2023!

If you're reading this, you've made it through the holiday season, and that's quite an achievement! Between the family and the overly drunken meals... Not easy to recover!

So to start: Happy New Year and best wishes for 2023!

And as at the beginning of each year, we do not cut it: we make good resolutions... Which we do not keep, unfortunately, often.

So,this time, we're going to give ourselves some simple and effective ones to make sure we can apply them well .

Let's just pick 5 for the body and mind!

So get ready, get set, go!

Like you, 86% of French people have decided to make good resolutions in 2023(Qapa).

And according to a survey by the company Squikit, here they are:

1) Take more time for yourself (56%)

2) Save money (52%)

3) To be better organized in one's daily life (47%)

4) Reduce food waste (46%)

5) Eat better (42%)

6) Getting into or back into sports (42%)

7) Be less connected (33%)

8) Pay more attention to your loved ones (28%)

9) Adopt more environmentally friendly behaviors (27%)

10) Learn a new skill (23%)

There are those that come up every year and that we know by heart: stop smoking, exercise, eat better... But there is one in particular that crushes everything else: take more time for yourself.

It's a good thing, it's our specialty! So we've chosen to give you 5 resolutions to help you take time for yourself.

But, by the way, what does it mean to "take time for yourself"?

What if taking time for yourself simply meant taking care of yourself regularly?

Did you know? All it takes is 15 minutes/day to improve your mood and increase your well-being.

Nothing unattainable! But be careful, if you want to keep your resolutions, focus on goals that are within your reach. There's no need to aim for Olympic champion or the abrupt end of your favorite "sins of love" for 2023. Let's go piano, piano, gently...

Here are our 5 good resolutions for sport and well-being to start this new year:

1. The positive attitude or law of attraction

What if you adopted positive thinking?

We won't lie to ourselves: it's not by staying in your corner and brooding that you'll brighten up your life... So, a little optimism can't hurt!

Be willing to see the glass half full in your life rather than being the grumpy person who always sees the glass half empty! Some people call this the " Law of Attraction ": the more positive you think, the more that positive manifests itself to you...

So, it's not 100% guaranteed, but it doesn't hurt to see a bit of life in the pink, right?

And it gives you a boost: goodbye stress and hello positive attitude!

To help you do this, surround yourself with optimistic and smiling people, read books that make you smile, do creative activities. You can also start a little yoga, meditation or positive visualization to accompany your mind revolution...  

(Everyone join me: ooooommmm!)

2. Unplug everything, disconnect yourself

We all know that we spend too much time on our multiple screens (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.): hours and even nights for the most addicted of us.

Some people don't take off from their apps and social life, everything becomes virtual...

Disturbed sleep, fatigue or stress, the negative impacts of this digital addiction worry specialists.

What if we took advantage of this new year to disconnect a little? So, to succeed in your digital detox, nothing is better than the real thing!

Go out to see your friends, organize moments together where devices are put aside: a good movie, a live concert, a meal with friends or a date...

Make a date to escape the temptation to stay in front of your screens! Start slowly with one night/week and see how well you hold up away from your favorite screens.

(Please note: one Frenchman/2 prefers his smartphone to sex... Is that possible?)

3. Sleep is sacred!

Sleep is essential for health: it allows the body to recover mentally and physically. Sleeping well maintains the immune system and prevents certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

A quick reminder: an adult should sleep about 7 to 9 hours a night. The AMA (American Medical Association) recommends a minimum of 7.5 hours of sleep per night.

And you, how many hours do you sleep?

Everyone has different needs, rest assured! Some people only need 6 hours of sleep a day or less.

In fact, it all depends on how tired you are: if you sleep 7 to 8 hours a day, but you are still tired, then you are a long sleeper. In these conditions, an hour or even 20 minutes more would not be too much. To solve this, go to bed 20 minutes earlier or opt for a short nap after dinner with a good alarm clock.

And if you have trouble falling asleep: then turn off your screens, read for a few minutes under the sheets or try meditation techniques to relax...

(If not, a good chamomile will work too!)

4. A healthy mind in a healthy body

So, after the holidays, it's not a pretty sight in general! We ate too much and I'm not even talking about the drinking...(It wasn't all water if you know what I mean!)

That said, you can quickly get back on track: all you have to do is follow a few simple rules without going on a diet. There is no need to deprive yourself, you just need to vary your diet and choose healthier products.

Here are a few well-known rules: eat fruits and vegetables (fresh and in season) every day, less meat and fatty, fried and/or processed products.

Don't cut out your favorite things completely, but cut back on them and diversify your meals by adding more fruits and vegetables.

According to AMA (American Medical Association) physicians and nutritionists, you should:

👉 Eat less red meat and processed meats or foods (deli meats, processed meats, prepared foods, soda, cakes...), and replace them with more plant-based foods, such as olive oil, nuts and seeds

👉 Drink water instead of sugar-sweetened beverages. (Beware, "100% pure" fruit juices are just as bad, as they are far too sweet and lack natural fiber)

👉 Eat less salt, as consuming more than 2g/day promotes high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. Yet, most people consume between 9 to 12g per day on average!  

All this will allow you to lose weight and avoid certain diseases (cancers, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity).

Tip: Eat more slowly! Studies have shown that it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to receive the information of satiety...(Now that's a diet that's easier to digest, right?)

5. Getting back into sports  

We don't want to sound like we're rambling, but ... Playing sports is good for your health!

Many diseases can be prevented by regular physical activity. Sport strengthens your bones and muscles while burning your calories and also allows you to secrete pleasure hormones.hard to find better for the same price!

But it's not easy to get started, or to get back into it, because we often give up after a few sessions.

But walking every day for 15/30 minutes, do you think that is possible?

This would be a good starting point: leave the car behind and go get your groceries or bread on foot! Take a long walk in the forest, with your family or as a couple...

In short, whenever you can: walk! Or better yet, run. Running for a few minutes a day is as good as jogging for hours and guarantees you a longer life expectancy than sedentary people... Not bad, right?

According to AMA physicians, adults should get at least 150 minutes/week of physical activity or 75 minutes/week of intense activity.

Choose your physical activity carefully, alone or with others, to keep your motivation high and above all, don't feel pressured: once a week to start is good too!

(Well, I chose: I take the dog out every day... Well, I'm exhausted!)

5 resolutions that will keep you going all year long my friends, I'm telling you!

Of course, you don't have to do everything at once. Be modest and moderate and don't forget that the year has 12 months...

You have time to check off your boxes and win the resolutions challenge. I believe in it, do you?

Until next year and your future resolutions, I say again best wishes and good luck.

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