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There's no place like home! The famous penatesthe home so warm ...

Why? No need for long speeches: you have chosen everything, you are in your furniture, in your decoration... You are well, what!

But in the office... That's not it yet! The "little extra" would be to be able to "customize" the space, to bring your personal touch, your emotional color.

Sometimes, the professional environment is so impersonal that everyone feels obliged to bring a plant or a photo... but doesn't dare to do so!

So, to really feel "at home" and gain in well-being, here are some ideas and tips to share with colleagues or management.

Feeling at home at work

If the weather, the light or the moon have an impact on our moods... The workplace, too!

Since the crisis of the covid, telework has become a demand and even a requirement of employees. Why this success? We lose less time in transport and traffic jams, we can get up later and "come back" earlier, etc. But above all, you are at home!

You are in your own space, with your furniture, your objects, your photos, etc. You feel good! One feels inevitably well there!

Today, the trend is towards the hybrid: whether you are a freelancer or a teleworker. So to make employees want to come back to the office, you have to give them the impression of being "at home"!

In France, nearly one out of two employees considers that their health and well-being are influenced by their work space (Actineo study). And 62% of employees ask for a pleasant work environment in their job search criteria.

And it's not easy: noise, long sitting posture, too many hours on screen, large collective spaces... In 2017, a study study already revealed the main expectations of employees regarding their workspace: a comfortable office chair, efficient computer equipment, natural light through large windows, quiet... These are all points to consider in order to transform the efficient office space into a warm space.

Bet on the visual

You want to feel good at work, so it has to be beautiful, colorful and far from the dull gray cliché of the past. This is not a factory!

What kind of atmosphere do you want?

Warm colors to give energy or more soothing colors if you want to encourage inspiration, reflection... It's up to you to set the tone!

Noble materials to inspire warmth like wood, or why not recycled and recyclable materials in a more eco-friendly spirit... Think about it all together!

Don't hesitate to find decorative elements and accessories to give life to the place: objects or images that inspire or are inspired by your values...

And the furniture?

One can quickly have health concerns, RSI for example, depending on the furniture.

What can be beautiful is not always good for your health and vice versa. It is therefore necessary to take into account all the dimensions of the problem!

If possible, find ergonomic chairs with adjustable height to fit everyone's back. It is important to know how to combine efficiency and elegance.

What about comfort?

In the furniture family, I can also opt for one or two armchairs, or even a beautiful sofa to rest... (personally, I choose the brown leather sofa from the series The Mentalist... and you?). And why not some good big poufs to sit in relaxation mode surrounded by your colleagues?

In short, bet on diversity to succeed in your bet: because when you feel good about your furniture, you feel good about your job!

Please note:

Idea to submit: make a small general consultation and involve the whole box for the choice of furniture or materials to personalize the place and make it unique.

Shared spaces vs. private spaces?

So if, at work, it's open space or flex office, you don't have your own private space. It's perfect for exchanging and brainstorming with colleagues, but it lacks a bit of intimacy...

In addition, there are sometimes many collective spaces: work spaces, meeting or conference spaces, the restaurant or cafeteria, the games area, etc.

Good news: sharing space doesn't mean you can't add your own touch.

Some simple examples: having a unique mouse pad or wallpaper, bringing home a personalized pencil cup or mug! (Time to break out the awesome Father's or Mother's Day gifts... Please, avoid the noodle necklace!)

To negotiate: a small plant, a frame or a painting, a fetish object...

When you share your workspace with your colleagues, at the end of the day, it's all about dialogue and exchange.

Confidential area :

The more you work in an open space, the more you have to think about offering more confidential spaces.

Cabins such as "privacy bubbles" for videoconferences are necessary so that everyone can concentrate and find silence. It helps to have peace at work... Just like at home!

👉 Relaxation areas/conversation zone

A relaxation room conducive to exchanges or moments of rest is essential in a company. A welcoming furniture would be welcome: armchairs, sofas and reception seats...

👉 Mandatory: the coffee or kitchen area

83% of working people go to coffee machines or cafeterias every day or several times a week (Actineo study). So French!

The same goes for the kitchen area or the company canteen: coffee breaks or lunch breaks, everyone meets there to relax and chat with colleagues.

The objective is to offer a friendly place where everyone feels "at home" and can decompress, recharge their batteries or meet others in a relaxed atmosphere.

👉 Other spaces dedicated to well-being are also possible, don't hesitate to discuss them with your teams or colleagues: a gym with classes (yoga, gym, etc.), a library or reading space, a games area (billiards, table soccer, video games), a swimming pool, a tennis court... And more if you feel like it

Private office :

When you spend all your working time in one room, you want to feel good there and you bring your own personal touch... And the more comfortable you feel behind your desk, the more productive and efficient you are.

In open space, everything is too impersonal, so the advantage would go to personal offices. A place where you can really feel at home...

Customize your workspace

A reminder: you are allowed to decorate your workspace.

You can for example put plants (requiring little maintenance: ficus, cactus, rustic fern), small objects of decoration or more personal elements (postcards, photos, objects, etc.).

Personalize the walls: posters, photographs or paintings ... Graffs ? (if you have artistic talents, offer your services!)

Think of every possible detail: from the pencil cup to the stapler... colorful Post-it notes and binders, redecorated cubbies, fun labels... Find a calendar or organization board that looks just like you for your appointments and task reminders.

Everything is possible, be inventive! Think fun, be yourself without trying to please... That's how you'll feel at home.

So of course, the office can never compete with the "home sweet home"! But let's not forget that we spend a good part of our lives in these work spaces with our colleagues, our second family. It would be regrettable not to make this universe warmer, more pleasant! For the home cinema or the swimming pool, I am not making any promises, but you have room for negotiation for everything else...

(So on the other hand, for the sexy firemen calendar, I decline any responsibility)

Come on, have fun...  

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