spart ultimate

unique experiences
to surpass yourself or
to recharge your batteries

Sporting challenges, privileged moments in the heart of nature, adventures beyond borders, SPART Ultimate offers you extraordinary experiences to share with other leaders.

come and live
aunique experience

Ensuring an active community to reduce the number of workplace absentees, and to improve the overall efficiency of your company.

to go!

Motorbikes were a huge advantage! A feeling of security !

Daniel Farchy

Company 1

European Investment Bank's

It was perfect, we had nothing to do, nothing to think about, everything was very smooth!

Mathieu Lapasset

Company 2


A magnificent setting, stars in the eyes alongside Laurent Jalabert, a very good memory!

Sarah Lépine

Company 3


Friendship, conviviality and spontaneity made these moments spent together a very strong sporting and human experience!

Sylvain Thomas

Company 4

I met a great group of people who are passionate and happy to be together. Sport is a way to bond and bring people together.

Gilles Rouanet

Company 5

A magnificent human adventure, we all felt the kindness and the bonds of friendship that were formed.

Mehdi Kacem-Boudhar

Company 3