Summer: a good time to strengthen your social climate?

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It's finally summer! Your employees have been waiting for this moment with impatience, towards the beach and idleness for some, or the pure air of the summits for others. Whatever their itinerary, they will take the time to recharge their batteries and take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Attention managers, even if your offices are empty, this is an opportunity to boost the social climate of your company!  

Note that one of its key factors, easy to work on first, is the quality of the relations between your employees (whether they are friendly or at least cordial and benevolent).

Wait a minute, is it really necessary to have good relationships at work?

Of course !!! The establishment of more harmonious relations between your employees is a source of motivation and performance for your business. 

In fact, a study by Michael Page reveals that 97% of employees consider it very important to maintain good relations with their professional entourage. And they're right! Especially since we spend most of our time at work, so we might as well make sure we feel good!

In concrete terms, what do we gain?

The list is long, here is an extract:

  • A positive effect on job satisfaction and well-being,
  • A more committed and cohesive team,
  • A collective intelligence boost, 
  • Better productivity, 
  • A stronger sense of belonging to the company,
  • The management of possible tensions is facilitated, 
  • An attractive employer brand,...

Are your employees taking a break? Go into summer mode!

Let's get back to the point, even if the understanding between your employees depends on their personality, you have a role to play!

So how do we do it?

You can start building new relationships with your employees while remaining in "airplane mode" at work, thanks to SPART!

What is SPART?

SPART is your (future) sport and health partner who participates in the physical, mental and social well-being of your teams. It is a wide choice of individual and collective challenges, tailor-made advice, animation and daily follow-up for everyone. A new way to unite your teams and improve your social climate.

SPART, don't stop in the summer! 😎

Even during their vacations, your employees can count on the support of our teams. In fact, we have found that employees who have initiated our program during the year continue to do so while on vacation.

How does it work?

From our mobile application, wherever they are, your employees will have access to our wellness programs totally adapted to the life of a vacationer. 

This solution allows your employees to refocus on themselves thanks to solo moments or to share original, memorable and convivial moments with their loved ones (in other words, with their friends, their colleagues, their colleagues who have become friends or even with their family). 

On the application, they can exchange (if they feel like it of course) anecdotes of vacations, share some tips or photos of trips, challenge each other around playful challenges, but in no case talk about "business", "files", "customers"...

Some SPART successes

Take advantage of the SPART program to strengthen your social climate this summer. The program includes a contest for the most impressive dive, sharing the recipe for the best cocktail, photo challenges with your company's goodies around the world, a summer playlist... all in good spirits and under the sun!

A bright social climate all year round with SPART!

As you can see, the vacations are not a time for rest when it comes to the social climate.  

SPART is the impetus you need to strengthen it. It's also a way to analyze your employees' commitment to this new group dynamic and its effects on the human and social health of your company. If it works, you can continue to follow this program throughout the year with increasingly flexible and varied challenges. 

With SPART, enrich the understanding between your employees, you have everything to gain!

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