Sport at work: the winning team

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And here we go! The soccer world cup is here!

You are, of course, glued to the TV set at every game... Or not!  

(We said no polemics...)

In any case, cup or no cup, you like to support a team, its strategy and its cohesion, which make it the best at the right time to score the goal and win the game...

Oh the foot! (Yes, I know, it is wobbly)

And that's what we like about team games: it doesn't matter if you play soccer, rugby, volleyball, etc., what matters is the performance of a united and coordinated team.

And it's exactly the same at work!

There is nothing more beautiful than a team united around common and shared objectives.

And this is where corporate sport has a role to play.

Come on, we'll give you the keys to this little miracle and you'll have the ball!

Sport, an asset for well-being at work

We all know that regular physical activity and sports are good for our health... and that of the company too!

The benefits of sport, and physical activities in general, at work, are no longer in question: it is an important factor of well-being for the employee.

As a reminder, here are 10 unstoppable reasons to embrace sports at work, in case you haven't read it yet (but I can't believe it... it breaks my heart just thinking about it...)

But since we're talking about team sports, adopting sports at work also means building a cohesive team!

Soccer, boxing, climbing, many team sports bring strong values that turn isolated and distrustful individuals into confident and supportive employees.  

How to better consolidate and motivate employees?

Through collective practices that have proven their worth and that specialists, coaches, use in their courses or training of Team-building!

Sport, a tool for cohesion and well-being

Boosting employee motivation, achieving cohesion and a good team spirit, this is the dream of managers in search of performance for their teams.

And that's where team sport comes into its own when it's done in a company!

You got it right when you gave it 21% in our little LinkedIn workplace wellness survey.

Of course, you were thinking of its many qualities, both in individual and collective practice. Like allowing us to let off steam and to evacuate stress by releasing our endorphins: these famous hormones of well-being!

And yes, sports are good for morale! It's true.

But practicing physical activities in a group brings much more: barriers are broken between managers and employees, you learn to discover others from a new angle, you are equal in a team, you learn group solidarity...

In a company, having a cohesive group cohesion is essential. Everyone has to feel part of the whole, and contribute to the company's objectives.

In sports as in business, we surpass ourselves together for an ideal...

Thus, through these collective practices, we strengthen team bonds, we encourage mutual aid, cohesion and group spirit. For example, to score a goal or cross a pass, paying attention to others becomes a reflex to win...  

Team sports also allow us to get to know each other better: ourselves and others, and to welcome newcomers in good conditions.

We also learn discipline and the distribution of roles: the attacker or the defender, the goalkeeper, everyone has his place in a shared strategy! And in the company too...

The parallels are numerous.

Sport allows us to have a common vision, a common experience

In a team sport, everyone is focused on a common goal and everyone supports their teammates towards the final performance... Another shared value of the working world.

Participating in a team sports challenge is a unique experience: you live a collective effort and you intensely experience victories and defeats... Together!  

These experiences lived together, these multiple emotions experienced, strengthen the bonds of all employees without distinction. These collective memories forge a stronger team with a shared experience and a common future. We create a bond!

Sport helps to make collective decisions

In sports challenges, you have to make choices, develop strategies, just like at work.

The reasons for victories or defeats must be analyzed. Participating in these moments of decision making in a sport practice is a good training for collective decision making often desired by employees.

As you can see, we could go on for a long time praising the strengths of team sports and their practice in companies.

Strong values and well-being are at the end of the effort brought by each one... Here, the hierarchy is erased to leave place to the human values carried by the various sports disciplines.

So, it's your turn to be these sports heroes for a few hours, get out your cleats or your shorts... And if you get paid for it! Thanks boss!

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